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Usability Associates
38 Montpelier Circle
Rochester, NY 14618

Usability Associates currently represents firms with the open positions shown below

As part of its full service offerings, Usability Associates helps clients recruit qualified individuals for Human Factors and User Experience related positions. We do this in a way that benefits both companies and candidates.

The company:

bulletonly receives information about qualified candidates and is thus spared the extensive time required to acquire and process inquiries, including preliminary screening
bulletis represented by a professional who has both breadth and depth of knowledge about Human Factors, User Experience and fields related to them
bulletgets access to both active and passive candidates

The candidate:

bulletavoids the generic application that goes through mysterious channels and hopefully gets to the right company person. Usability Associates works directly with the hiring manager.
bulletis screened by a Human Factors professional who can understand the breadth and depth of their interests and experience

Current positions:

At the current time, Usability Associates is helping clients find a qualified person as a Senior HFE Consultant
Click on the above title to read a Job Description in PDF format.

Agilis Consulting Group focuses exclusively on pharmaceutical and medical device clients and help them make their products compliant with FDA requirements.  Agilis is increasing its staff to better accommodate their growing business.  The open position is for full time employment with full benefits.  The person who fills this position can work from anywhere they choose.

To learn more or apply: contact in confidence

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