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UXD Consortium MembersNext Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 26-27 2017

The User Experience Design Consortium (UXD) was founded by Carole Bilson (then with Pitney Bowes) and Stan Caplan (Usability Associates) in 2003 as a forum for user experience managers to have an ongoing relationship with each other. The Consortium meets twice a year and is managed by Stan Caplan who is guided by a clear vision and member expectations.

CONSORTIUM TESTIMONIALS "The consortium provides a safe and energizing venue to discuss organizational issues associated with the design and usability function. It also has created a network that we can tap when we are executing our duties such as searching for new employees or sharing up-to-date best practices."

Nelson Soken, System Strategist, Cardiac Rhythm Management Division, Medtronic

"It was great to see everyone again. I certainly came away refreshed and enthused. It is always great to see and hear what others are doing; it is inspirational." (after May 9-10, 2011 meeting)

Clyde Heppner, Director, User Experience Design, Sprint Nextel

"I am a new member to the consortium but I have found it very valuable. My first meeting in Rochester really gave me some great ideas to think about and bring back to my company. I really liked the range of presentations at the meeting. There were excellent academic and industry presentations. The consortium group is great too. It is very good to connect with a group of professionals from a variety of companies and backgrounds. We share many of the same challenges, albeit with different perspectives. I look forward to future participation in the consortium."

George Hackman, Senior Director of User Experience, Oracle Corporation


The User Experience Design Consortium is highly valued for its confidential environment where managers and executives in the areas of human factors, design, usability and related functions meet with peers in non-competing industries to learn and grow through ongoing relationships with each other and shared experiences in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Members share information regarding emerging industry and economic trends, organizational challenges and best practices, and get exposure to new theories, processes and technologies from external sources. Knowledge gained is brought back for use in their respective companies.

Membership Expectations

The consortium manager creates opportunities for sharing information and insights among members and for discovery of useful information from external resources. To that end, members will

  1. Engage in face-to-face interactions with each other on a regular basis

  2. Share experiences and knowledge with each other in a safe and supportive environment

  3. Maintain confidentiality of all information shared unless expressed permission is given to share outside the group

  4. Discover insights and advanced thinking from interactions with external resources including other companies and academic researchers

  5. Focus content on human factors/design/usability thinking, processes, methodologies, and technologies as these things change over time

  6. Pay annual dues for consortium manager�s labor and expenses

  7. Commission research if one or more members have an identified need and pay the necessary additional administrative costs associated w/ the research

If you are interested in being a consortium member, please review these pages and contact Usability Associates.

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