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We design for total user experience by building usability into every product touchpoint, throughout its lifecycle.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

require a UX design priority typically
for ease of learning.

Business Products

Business Products

require a UX design priority typically for easy, productive use.

Medical Products

Medical Products

require a UX design priority that typically ensures
efficient and safe use.

Total User

  • is a factor in the design of hardware, software and processes 
  • so that the product is easy to learn, supports productivity and ensures safety
  • and considers the priority of factors according to different product types

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Latest Projects

Design of Walk-in Kiosk

Evaluated user’s physical interaction with department store kiosk mockup.  Recommended design changes to make it more accommodating to user movements and to give improved accessibility to the kiosk screen. 

Usability Testing of Combination Products

Moderated usability testing sessions for combination medical products and their instructions to determine compliance with safe and effective usage required by the FDA.  Participants included physicians, caregivers, and patients.

Closeup of a blood pressure device display

Language Localization

Evaluated the readability of a specialized medical device user interface which had been translated from English into languages of non-Western countries.  Native speaking participants were presented screens having language from their respective countries and an assessment was made of their ability to parse, read, and comprehend the presented material. 

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Our skill set is wide-ranging.

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Beyond Usability Associates

User Experience Design (UXD) Consortium

Under Usability Associates is the UXD Consortium, a membership for user experience managers to share design strategy ideas and thus gain beneficial insights.

Twice a year, members participate in forums and visits to universities, and institutions exploring UX design innovation. Awareness of new technologies, methods and applicable advanced thinking are gained and shared.