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Atlanta, GA

Thursday, May 30 – Coca-Cola Company and Georgia Tech University
Welcome: Sally Cohen, UX and Innovation Global Video Conference
  • Welcome and Introductions
  •  Presentations
    • IT Innovation (Anthony Newstead, Coca-Cola)
    • Freestyle Project History (Gregg Carpenter, Coca-Cola)
    • User Experience at Cox Communications (TS Balaji, Cox)
    • Discussion
Welcome: Maribeth Gandy Coleman – Georgia Tech University, Interactive Media Technology Center (IPaT)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Demonstrations
    • Millennium Gate: an immersive VR museum installation that allows multiple users to explore Atlanta via a mixed reality experience (Scott Robertson)
    • Magic Window: a novel telepresence system with a variety of uses (Maribeth and Matt Sanders)
    • NerdHerder: an augmented reality game (Maribeth)
    • Food for Thought: a cognitive training game and custom hardware/software system for HCI field studies (Robert Solomon and Maribeth)
    • Sensiotec: a hardware and software system for health monitoring (Jeremy)
    • Wearable Computing: a variety of projects related to wearable and mobile computing, pattern recognition, and sensor design (Peter Presti)
    • Motion Capture: A motion capture system using custom accelerometers (Peter Presti)
Georgia Tech – Aware Home Research Initiative (Brian Jones)
Welcome: Brad Fain – Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI),  Human Systems Engineering Branch
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Presentations
    • Introduction to Consumer Product Integration: Overview of the design process that GTRI uses to develop consumer products
    • Accessibility Evaluation Facility Overview: Overview of the test facility and discussion of current and future issues related to the design of accessible consumer products
    • Arthritis Simulation Gloves Design and Usage: Introduction of the design of the arthritis simulation gloves and how they are used by various organizations around the world
Lab tour of the various human factors labs at GTRI
Friday, May 31 – Cox Communications
Welcome by TS Balaji
  • Introductions
  • Tour of UX facilities with discussion of Cox UX (TS Balaji)
  • Executive presentation (Dane Dickie, VP, Converged Platforms & Experiences)
  • Tour of Cox Heritage Center
  • Meeting wrap up
    • Consortium administration discussion
    • Round robin discussions