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Austin, TX

Thursday, April 10 – University of Texas, School of Information (iSchool)

iSchool focuses on Information Architecture, Design and Usability (IADU)

    • Meet at the  University of Texas School of Information (iSchool) (8:00 -8:30 am)
    • Private consortium session – Introductions and Round Robin  (8:30-10:15 am)
      • Welcome: Randolph Bias, Professor/Director of Information eXperience (IX Lab)
      • Intro to iSchool:
      • Joys of hiring iSchool students
      • Cost-justifying usability
      • Tour of IX LabSchool of Information   (10:30-11:45am )
    • Lunch (11:45am-1:00pm )
    • School of Information  (1:00-3:00pm )
      • Research presentation: “The Lure of the Virtual”, Professor Diane Bailey
      • Roundtable Discussion: “How might exposing the work of others affect us – our level of awareness, our motivation to collaborate, our feeling of information overload (and more)”, Professor James Hawison
  • Travel to U of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)  (3:00-3:30pm )
  • TACC Visualization Lab (VisLab) (See details below)  (3:30-5:30pm )
  • Dinner (6:30-8:00pm )

TACC Visualization Lab
Heriberto “Eddy” Nieto will walk us through various projects done on about 5 large screen and tiled display systems. These systems are driven by different technologies and have advanced user interface capabilities such as single person, multiple person, multi-touch, head tracking and gesture recognition. They include a portable stereoscopic display and the Oculus RIFT virtual reality system. Oculus RIFT is the company recently bought by Facebook for $2.3 billion.

Friday, April 11 – Cycorp

Cycorp focuses on cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine reasoning, knowledge modeling and natural language processing research initiatives.

  • Welcome: Doug Lenat, CEO (8:00-10:00am)
    • An overview of work at Cycorp
  • Break  (10:00-10:15am )
  • Innovation in China; Strategy for hiring & employing people (Jim Hotary) (10:15-10:45am )
  • Round Robin continuation (10:45am-12:00pm )
  • Wrap up  (12:00-12:30pm )
    • Review of meeting pros and cons
    • Selection of next meeting location (Detroit/Ann Arbor?) and date
    • Topic(s) of interest for future meetings