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Online Meeting


April 20, 21 and 27, 28
From our personal offices

Hellos, Review agenda — Kickoff — Stan Caplan

Introductions and current challenge  — Round Robin (5 min each) — Stan Caplan

Prioritizing Consumer in Product Testing
— Presentation — Charu Ahuja  (Director, Consumer Experience & Usability Research Consumer Reports)

What have you done to show management the value of your team? — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan

What do you do to empower the people on your team? — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan

What other teams is it important for your team to interact with?
How satisfied are you with your team’s relationship with them? — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan

Observations on Organization Creativity, Innovation, Strategic Exploration, and Breakthrough Change from My 40+ Years.
— Presentation — Lindsay Collier  (Retired Kodak Team Facilitator Author, Humorist)

Seeing the Big Picture: The Development of an Experience Scorecard — Presentations
— Bill Albert   (Executive Director, Bentley University UX Center)
Riley Kundtz   (Grad Student, Bentley University UX Center)
Erinn Flandreau  (Grad Student, Bentley University UX Center)

Case Study: How UCD Changed Corporate Culture
William Green  (Professor School of Business, University of Leicester, UK)

Preparing the Future UX Workforce: A Conversation with RIT’s School of Information
— Presentation — Matt Huenerfauth  (Professor and Director of School of Information, Rochester Institute of Technology)


October 26 and 27
From our personal offices

Hellos; Review agenda; Answer questions — Kickoff — Stan Caplan 

Ice Breaker  — Participatory — Stan Caplan

Introductions and current challenges  — Round Robin (5 min ea.)  —  Stan Caplan

When do you say “no” to requests for your team’s help? — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan

UCD Award ceremony and presentations.  — Presentation
Adam Shames, moderator  (Core Human Factors)
DePuty Synths (J&J): Award winner
Honeywell ACS (China): Runner up

Guidelines and Tools for Creating a Thriving Workplace Culture — Presentation
Melanie Booher (MB Consulting Solutions/Influence Network Media)

November 3 and 4
From our personal offices

Reframing UX: Design for Responsible and Equitable Solutions — Emersive
Girish Prabhu and Apala Lahiri Havan  (Human Factors International, India)

Sense Mapping: Strategic Interaction and Design Opportunities
at the Intersection of Human Senses and Cognition. — Presentation
Kevin Clark  (President and Leader, Content Evolution)
Stacey Baer  (Content Evolution)
Todd Hoskins  (Content Evolution)

UXD involvement in development of BD Covid product. — Private Informal Talk
Tom Yen  (Sr. R&D Manager, UX DesignBecton Dickinson)