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Online Meeting


Tuesday, April 19
    Online: from our personal offices

Welcome; Agenda review — Stan Caplan

Personal Updates: Description of —

  • – your role and responsibilities
  • – remote vs. in-person working
  • – your biggest current challenges

— Round Robin   — Stan Caplan

Pay Transparency  — Group Discussion  — Tom Yen

Wednesday, April 20
    Online: from our personal offices

Tracking product health with SUS — Presentation
Rebecca Grier   (Lead, Customer-Driven:EMEA, Microsoft (Dublin)

Implementing Responsible, Human-Centered AI — Presentation
Carol Smith  (Sr. Research Scientist, HMI, AI Division; Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)

Joint Activity Design, UX and AI — Presentation
Mike Rayo   (Assistant Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University)

Tuesday, April 25
    Online: from our personal offices

The Anatomy of Downsizing and the Challenges of Recovery — Presentation and Discussion — Laura Vennie

Dark Patterns in Technology Practices  — Presentation
Colin Gray  (Associate Professor, Computer Graphics Technology; Graduate Program Lead, UX Design, Purdue University)

TBD topic — Group Discussion — TS Balaji

Wednesday, April 26
    Online: from our personal offices

The Future of Interfaces and Their Accessibility — Presentation
Gregg Vanderheiden  (Founder/Director Emeritus, Trace R&D Center; Professor, School of Information, Univ. of Maryland)

Consortium Sustainability: Continuation from last meeting — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan

Wrap up – Review of Spring meeting; date and format of next meeting — Group Discussion — Stan Caplan