Service Description

As part of its full-service offerings, Usability Associates helps clients recruit qualified individuals for Human Factors and User Experience related positions.  Over his many years working in these fields and being active in the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Stan Caplan has access to an extensive network of professionals involved with research and design for consumer, business and medical products.

Recruiting support is conducted in a way that benefits both companies and candidates.

Current Positions

No positions at this time

The company:

  • only receives information about qualified candidates and is thus spared the extensive time required to acquire applications and to determine if they come from qualified candidates
  • is represented by a professional whose breadth and depth of knowledge about Human Factors, User Experience and related fields allows him to “speak the language” of applicants and candidates
  • has possibilities of getting both active and passive candidates

The candidate:

  • avoids the generic application that goes through mysterious channels and hopefully gets to the right company person.  Usability Associates works directly with the hiring manager.
  • is screened by a Human Factors professional who can understand the breadth and depth of their interests and experience
  • can be assured his/her application and interview with Usability Associates are kept confidential